About GDSI

Global Data Systems Inc. was brought to life in 1996. Right here in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. Thanks to our customer's support we've grown to become one of the area's largest Internet Service Providers. In addition, we support a wide range of Internet related products and services. Such as, Domain Hosting, Web Design, Computer Repairs and Tech-Support.

Additionally we are a fully qualified A+ Certified Service Center.

DeFuniak Springs may be a "small town," but we have always found it "big" on friendliness. While we have had numerous opportunities to move our base of operations elsewhere, we have always felt this was the place for us. We like the fact that we can actually know people, and that they will talk to you if you see them on the street, and for lack of a better way to describe it... to us DeFuniak Springs is just a nice place to live, the people are great, and it is a great place to have and do business with people who are truly "our neighbors".

Meet Some Of Our People

Everyone here a Global Data Systems knows how daunting the computer world can be so they work even harder to ensure our customers experience a warm friendly environment, where they can feel free to ask any questions they desire.

The Technical Perspective

Our technicians work hard to be as knowledgeable as possible in the IT field, and we work with them to ensure they all achieve at least A+ Certification , which is the benchmark credential in the computer industry. With this our customers can feel confident their computers are being built and/or repaired by someone they can trust knows what they are doing.

Let's Learn More About This Computer Stuff!

Our Computer classes are designed to be small. That way our students can feel comfortable, and they can get more "one-on-one" attention. Our Instructors are both very knowledgeable in the areas they teach, and well respected in the community. The classes are conducted in professional, relaxed manner so the student can focus more on the subject matter and not feel intimidated by the surrounding, the other students, or the instructor.

Our Accounting and Member Services Department

Our people in accounting and Member Services work very hard to ensure that both, our Member Accounts are managed properly, and that our accounting is conducted as timely, and accurately as possible. Since our automation of most Member Services function. Our Members can do most anything relative to their account themselves right over the Internet, but we also know questions do arise about member's accounts. For those, we are happy to answer any question our customer's may have.


We hope this gives you a little more insight into us and who we are. The departments mentioned here, as well as the people, are by no means the only ones involved in the delivery of our services. That would make this page unbearably long, but we do hope that now you feel a little more familiar with us, and drop by, or give us a call if you are thinking of buying a new computer, or you need computer repairs, or just want to learn a little more about your computer, and the Internet.